Sunday, June 15, 2014


New York City.

Let me start off by saying New York City is definitely not my favorite place. By the time I've been there a few days, I am ready to get out. There are too many people, everyone is too rushed, the buildings are too tall, the subway is too packed and too hectic, and I am too afraid to be by myself at night.

NYC is just too much for me.

Now if there was more appeal in New York City for me, then maybe all the Too's would not overwhelm me. But they do, because they are just not worth it to me.
That being said, I have had some wonderful experiences in NYC. Unlike other places I have visited though, I do not really care if I go back.
I will though. I always end up back in NYC for one reason or another. Not to mention that my boyfriend and I started dating after a trip to NYC, so I feel like we will have to go back time to time for reminiscing. We are both cheeses like that.