Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photo Sunday: Chimney Rock

Hello all!

School is back in session, so my trips will be a little farther in between for the next couple months. Luckily I do have some plans on the horizon!

Just last week I got back from a trip to South Carolina to visit my god parents (who are awesome). This Photo Sunday comes to you from a side trip to North Carolina to visit Chimney Rock. This is my favorite picture from the hike.

There's nothing like the view of misty mountains from atop a mountain. I love hiking, and while Chimney Rock is more stairs than actual hiking, it is still a pretty good workout. Most people drop off after the chimney part, so if you climb to the actual highest point you'll have a lot less people to contend with.

Chimney Rock is gorgeous and I recommend a visit.

Soon I'll be writing up a longer post on Chimney Rock and Charleston with tons more pictures. Be prepared!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Montreal Like a Local (ish)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted much, but I haven't been home a lot. YC and I spent five days in Montreal and then I went to South Carolina with my mom for another five.

YC and I adored Montreal! I think part of the charm of Montreal was staying a cute little Airbnb. We were located in a neighborhood near the botanical garden, and I think we were the only tourists in the area.

The lovely botanical garden.

Liebster Award Nomination

Hey guys! I've been nominated for the Liebster blogging award. It is a way for lesser known bloggers to get to know each other. Apparently it helps get the word out about your blog.

I was nominated by Claire Wang from Adventure at Work. I know her through Aileen Adalid's travel group on Facebook (I am Aileen). Thanks to both for this opportunity to get to know the blogging community.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Photo Sunday: An Ode to Poutine

Hello all! I just got back from Montreal late last night, hence the super late Photo Sunday.

In Montreal I discovered a new love. POUTINE!

Mmmmmm. Look at all that goodness. (The grilled cheese was delicious too) In case you aren't aware, poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of french fries, gravy, and cheese. Fancy poutine often adds meat and other things, but as a veg head I went with the basic. I'm not going to lie to you, my tummy did not appreciate the gravy. My body can't really process meat anymore, and the meat based gravy made me a bit sick.

It was definitely worth it though. Poutine is such a guilty pleasure. You know it is greasy and not very healthy,but it tastes like magic.

So I don't care that my tummy does not approve of poutine. Poutine...I love you.

Anyone else a poutine lover? More on Montreal to come.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Photo Sunday: My Favorite D.C. Photo

Hello all. Sorry this post is a day late. I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and completely forgot to write this.

This photo comes to you again from D.C. and is my favorite one. Thanks to Jessi's husband Cam for the photo.

Jessi and I found home! You can pretty much tell where everyone at the WWII memorial is from, because they all pose with their state (or territory). Jessi may live in New Zealand now, but we all know she is a Pennsylvanian at heart.

Have you been to this memorial and posed with your state or territory? Almost the end of summer, where has everyone gone on vacation?
Now I'm going to go back to watching Supernatural.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Photo Sunday: A Brief Trip to Pittsburgh

I know it is Saturday, not Sunday, but I am traveling the next couple days. It is time to take YC's parent to New York to fly back to Singapore. Tomorrow we leave for a night in Bethlehem and then on to NYC the next day. I'm not sure I will have enough time to write tomorrow, so instead Photo Sunday is a day early!

Plus this post will be a tad longer than my typical Photo Sunday.

YC and I at the Waterfront

YC's parents wanted to see Pittsburgh, so we drove down for a short trip. We ate yummy seafood at Roland's on the strip before YC's parents dragged us to an outlet mall. Neither YC nor I enjoy shopping, so we just goofed off.

In the evening we visited the Waterfront. Not going to lie, my favorite part was finding really cheap books at the Barnes and Nobles there. I bought The Ghost Bride and The Midnight Rose. Both historical fiction pieces. I've already finished the first, and I liked it quite a lot though it was not what I anticipated.

The next morning we met up with one of my friends from college that lives in Pittsburgh for lunch. We ate at the Conflict Kitchen. I had heard of it before, but hadn't realized it was in Pittsburgh. If you haven't heard of it, the Conflict Kitchen only serves food from countries the United States are in conflict with. The country changes each month. July was Cuba, though we are on much better terms with them now. I love Cuban food, so I was pumped.

If you're ever in Pittsburgh, I suggest trying out the Conflict Kitchen. The food is quite cheap and yummy, plus you will learn something from the quotes on the boxes. I'm hoping that next time I'm down there the food is Middle Eastern, since I haven't tried the cuisine from that area.

According to my friend: Hogwarts

Right next to Conflict Kitchen is the University of Pitt, which houses this gorgeous building. My friend was right, it is practically Hogwarts. The inside is full of arches, high ceilings, and random staircases. We only spent ten minutes looking around, but I could have happily spent hours. I want to walk around the university and all of its pretty buildings and parks next time I'm in the city as well.

So there you have it. Extended Photo Sunday on Saturday with TWO pictures!

Have any of you been to Pittsburgh? Did you like the city? Have you tried Conflict Kitchen?