Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photo Sunday: Chimney Rock

Hello all!

School is back in session, so my trips will be a little farther in between for the next couple months. Luckily I do have some plans on the horizon!

Just last week I got back from a trip to South Carolina to visit my god parents (who are awesome). This Photo Sunday comes to you from a side trip to North Carolina to visit Chimney Rock. This is my favorite picture from the hike.

There's nothing like the view of misty mountains from atop a mountain. I love hiking, and while Chimney Rock is more stairs than actual hiking, it is still a pretty good workout. Most people drop off after the chimney part, so if you climb to the actual highest point you'll have a lot less people to contend with.

Chimney Rock is gorgeous and I recommend a visit.

Soon I'll be writing up a longer post on Chimney Rock and Charleston with tons more pictures. Be prepared!


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