Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Sunday...On Monday...Sorry: The Rockies

I was in the Poconos this weekend and didn't get back until the middle of Sunday, and then I had plans all day. So sorry, I just made up the Photo Sunday posts and I already screwed up.

I need to work on blogging more consistently.

This photo of the lovely Hope comes to you from the Rocky Mountains. I love how this shot turned out, and I think taking pictures of someone taking pictures is always artistic and cute. It might also be slightly cheesy, but I don't care.
Also, Hope looks like a mountain man...woman. Check that plaid and vest out.

Have you ever been to the Rockies? Do you like taking cheesy pictures of other people taking pictures or is it just me?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Photo Sunday: Charming Dublin

I decided to start a Photo Sunday. Since I rarely do anything productive on Sundays anyway, may as well make use of the time to show off some of my photos.

This photo comes to you from Dublin, Ireland.
Normally I am not overly found of cities. I hate traffic and I am not great about crowds. So even though I adore Dublin, I doubt I would ever live there. If I had to live a city though, Dublin is high on the list.
The architecture around the city is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and there are so many wonderful cafes and pubs.

Ireland is one of those places that just keeps calling me back, so I'm sure I will be returning to Dublin eventually.

Have you ever been to Dublin? What did you think of the cute Irish city? Were you as charmed as I was?