About Us

Hello there!

We are Hope and Alisa. This blog is dedicated to our travels.

We have both been traveling for quite a few years now. Hope's family regularly goes on cruises to all different parts of the world. My family only started traveling in more recent years, so more of my traveling was done alone.

Between the two of us we've already been a number of places, but we hope to see many more.

We both graduated college in 2013, but with little idea of what we wanted to do with our lives. A year later and we are both planning on flying to South Korea to teach English. Look forward to blogs on our experiences in South Korea, and advice on the process of getting there.

Hopefully this coming year will help us both find some direction in our lives. No matter what, we know we will keep on traveling and adventuring. Allons-y!

Follow our adventures on this blog to hear about the locales we visit, the food we eat, the shenanigans we have, our how to's, and the stories we have to tell.

Thanks for reading and please drop us a comment or message! We would love to hear from you!


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