Monday, June 29, 2015

A Book Review and a Yoga Challenge!

Hello all! I've been feeling super productive recently, so here comes another post!

First off, a book review! Last week YC and I went on a book date where we each bought the other person one of our favorite books. I bought YC The Name of the Wind; my absolute favorite book. YC bought me The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

I finished my book in only a couple days, It was a super easy and quick read. The story is written in first-person from the point of view of a unique kid who attends a special needs school. Though it is not directly stated in the book, it is fairly clear that Christopher is on the Autistic Spectrum.

Here is a link to the Goodreads page.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Photo Sunday: Blue Hair and a New Camera

Hello loves! Look at me posting on an actual Sunday!

For my birthday my family got me a real camera, so I've been trying to figure it out. I've never had a nice camera before. It is harder than I thought.
I also just dyed my hair teal! These pictures come to you from my photography practice and my teal hair.

This one I took myself with a timer and a table.

This one YC took for me. It was hard to cope with the bright sun.

I bought a new bag for my camera as well! The bag is from Ona Bags and it is gorgeous. I haven't taken it on an adventure yet though. I'll let you all know how it holds up. The dress I also got recently from Forever 21. All the new things!

Any suggestions for how to overcome the bright sunlight? Anyone else have an Ona bag? Do you like it?


Monday, June 22, 2015

Niagara Falls and the Oh So Charming Niagara-on-the-Lake

Since I failed at posting my Photo Sunday on Sunday, I decided I owed you a full post.
The weekend before this one that I just missed, my mom, aunt, and I drove up from PA to Niagara Falls (Canada Side. Which is the best side).

The first day was very rainy and overcast.

Photo Sunday: Light Reflections

Apparently I cannot be trusted to write my Photo Sunday when I'm reading. Books make me forget everything. So, sorry this post is a little late.

After dark at Niagara Falls, the falls are lit up from across the water by huge spotlights. The night we went was rather foggy, so a good portion of the falls weren't actually illuminated. The fog was awesome though because the spotlights lit it up instead. This created long bars of light which reflected on the wet ground. Coupled with the silhouettes of people crossing the street, this made for excellent pictures.

This picture is quite possibly my favorite from Niagara Falls.

Has anyone else been to Niagara Falls? Did you see the falls at night? Any advice on nighttime photography? This was my first attempt and it was difficult.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Photo Sunday: DIY Pin Map

Hello all!

For this Photo Sunday I'm going to show off a cool DIY pin map I made. I figured since you all are travelers too, you might enjoy this.

I bought a vintage map on amazon for under three bucks, in fact I believe it was a dollar. It is quite large. I love the look of old fashioned maps, so that is what I chose to use. Behind it is a cork-board, mine had a metal frame but I think a frame-less one might work even better. The cork-board keeps my wall free from tons of little holes (on the wall it was on originally I did Not have a many holes). I then bought lots of colorful pins and used four to pin it to the corners of the cork-board. After that I picked colors which where I have been, where I really really want to go, and where I would like to eventually make it to at some point. I also used a sharpie to write one of my favorite travel quotes across it.

In the corners are a postcard a friend sent me from Iceland and a red envelope from Chinese New Year in Singapore.

The map hangs on the wall above my bed, which my stepdad's friend hung for me since that was beyond my skills,

I love maps and am always looking for ways to decorating using them. I hope you enjoyed my simple little DIY tutorial.

Does anyone else have an obsession with maps and decorating with them? What cool DIY map projects have you done? I want to do the one where you drill holes in a globe in the places where you've visited and put a light inside.