Sunday, June 7, 2015

Photo Sunday: DIY Pin Map

Hello all!

For this Photo Sunday I'm going to show off a cool DIY pin map I made. I figured since you all are travelers too, you might enjoy this.

I bought a vintage map on amazon for under three bucks, in fact I believe it was a dollar. It is quite large. I love the look of old fashioned maps, so that is what I chose to use. Behind it is a cork-board, mine had a metal frame but I think a frame-less one might work even better. The cork-board keeps my wall free from tons of little holes (on the wall it was on originally I did Not have a many holes). I then bought lots of colorful pins and used four to pin it to the corners of the cork-board. After that I picked colors which where I have been, where I really really want to go, and where I would like to eventually make it to at some point. I also used a sharpie to write one of my favorite travel quotes across it.

In the corners are a postcard a friend sent me from Iceland and a red envelope from Chinese New Year in Singapore.

The map hangs on the wall above my bed, which my stepdad's friend hung for me since that was beyond my skills,

I love maps and am always looking for ways to decorating using them. I hope you enjoyed my simple little DIY tutorial.

Does anyone else have an obsession with maps and decorating with them? What cool DIY map projects have you done? I want to do the one where you drill holes in a globe in the places where you've visited and put a light inside.


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