Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photo Sunday: Sunsets in the Country

Hello all!

This Photo Sunday comes to you from a farm near my house. I was driving home the other day and there was the most cotton candy sunset. I watched it the whole way home and kept stopping to try to get a good picture.

I think this shot with the silhouette of a barn turned out the best. It was near the end of the sunset and the colors are just so lovely. No matter how many sunsets I see, or how many pictures I take, the view always takes my breathe away. I think sunsets are by far my favorite thing to photograph.

Anyone else a sunset nut? Quick question: who thinks irregardless is a word? The internet seems to agree with me that is a word, albeit an informal one. My stepdad refuses to believe me or the internet. Who hear also votes that irregardless is a word? (Psst. The correct answer is yes. Agreeing with me is always correct ;P)


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