Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photo Sunday: Harry Potter Party!

Hello all!

For this Photo Sunday you have the privilege of a glimpse of my cousin's Harry Potter party!
It was quite the big shebang and everyone was all dressed up. My cousin who hosted the whole thing dressed as insane Gilderoy Lockhart, which was quite epic. I forgot to actually snap a picture of him though, so you just get me, YC, and my brother.

Here you see a lovely Cho Chang, a Luna Lovegood, and some random Harry Potter clothes. My brother just borrowed some of my cousin's stuff.

YC was such a good sport wearing one of my skirts to dress up as Cho Chang. We figured since she is the only Asian character in Harry Potter, he might as well go for it. I think he made quite the pretty Cho.

He wasn't the only person cross-dressing to be a character by far.

We had a grand time and the decorations were adorable. They really went all out.

Anyone else ever been to a Harry Potter themed party? Anyone ever heard of my cousin? If you google World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan the first youtube video is my cousin. Here's a link for your viewing pleasure.


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