Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mother-Daughter South Carolina Trip

Hey all! Summer is officially over and I'm back working in elementary school. Five days in and I'm already exhausted, anyone else?

I finally have some down time today, not much mind you, but enough to write a blog post!

The last week before school started my mom and I took a trip down to South Carolina to visit my god parents.

Me and my mommy at the rainbow row.

My god parents moved to South Carolina when I was in middle school (I think, I kind of forget) from Canada. We used to visit them first in Canada then in South Carolina every year. As my brother and I got older, and my god siblings (is that a thing?) did as well, we drifted apart. Before this summer, it had been a couple years since our last trip down.

My godmother is probably my mom's best friend, they've been friends since high school. So mom and I decided to make a trip down at the end of August. The drive is roughly 10 hours, but it was worth it. I'd forgotten how awesome my god parents are, and we had a lovely time. We are even planning on dragging YC and my brother down in the spring!

The old wrought iron gates are gorgeous.

My god parents' daughter goes to university in Charleston, so we took a day trip up to the city. It was hot as hell, but it is an adorable city. If you picture the old south in your mind, Charleston probably matches the image perfectly. The city has done an amazing job of preserving the old charm.

See those puddles? It poured unbelievably hard about five minutes before this picture.

The city is great for leisurely walking through to see all the sights, but the horse carriage rides are nice for if you want to see some of the more spread out sights. The drivers are very knowledgeable and I recommend the carriage ride mostly for listening to their stories. We would never have known about the super creepy old prison if we hadn't taken the carriage ride.

Apparently the most haunted prison ever. Now it has art classes in it.

The food in Charleston is wonderful. I'm sure most of it is super unhealthy, grits and fried green tomatoes I'm looking at you, but man is it yummy. Plus pralines!! Oh my god. I had never tried pralines before. They taste like happiness. I recommend trying them at one of the stores by the old market, they had free samples and they're still warm.

The old market is worth a visit as well. Their is a lot of local artwork there. I got an oogle for YC, which is a tiny clay figure that supposedly wards off evil spirits. It is adorable.

More rainbow road.

We only did a day trip to Charleston so we missed a lot of the sights, and we couldn't go on a ghost tour. In the spring we are going to stay the night so we have more time to see everything and can go on a ghost tour! I refuse to do the prison ghost tour though. That place is way too creepy.

Looking up at Chimney Rock.

We also took a day trip up to North Carolina to hike Chimney Rock. When we were little we hiked Chimney Rock and my god brother (totally a thing) tripped and ripped off his whole toenail. This time was much less traumatic.

Chimney Rock is less of a hike and more of stair climb. Most people just hike up to the namesake to take some pictures, then head back down. So the top of the rock can be a bit crowded, but the view is worth it.

Since I have a Photo Sunday dedicated to just the view, here is me and the view!

Honestly though, just pause here and then continue the climb. The best views are from the top of the mountain. Plus, only like 5-10% of the crowd continues up to the top. You'll have a lot more space to yourself, and you get even better pictures.

My view from the top while we ate out packed lunch.

Packing a lunch to eat up at the top was my mom's great idea. It was nice to sit and look out over the mountains for a little picnic.

My god father takes much better pictures than my mom. I cannot trust her.

Misty mountains are the best.

Our little vacation was lovely and I can't wait to go back. We hiked, explored a historic town, and drank quite a bit of wine. All of my favorite things.

Next time I go down to South Carolina I'll do a more intensive post on Charleston, since I'll be spending more time there.

For your enjoyment, proof my mom cannot be trusted with pictures:

Where are my legs, mom?! Pictures from the waist up are not flattering, mom. 

Have you been to South Carolina? Charleston? Did you think the city was as cute as I do? Have you done a ghost tour? I'm a bit nervous.


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