Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rehoboth Beach and Supermoons

Last week I spent four days down in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with dad's whole family. Firstly, I love family vacations. I love having everyone together and I love my family. At least most of the time, sometimes they're irritating.
My grandma rented a house-thing about a two minute walk from the beach and we all stayed there. There were enough rooms that only one person had to sleep downstairs on the pullout couch. It was such a lovely house, but somewhere I could never afford on my own. I think they said it cost something like $7,000 for the whole week. Ouch.

The view from the balcony on the roof. Gorgeous.

I can't really vouch for what staying Rehoboth is like in a hotel, but I can say that if you get the chance to go and stay in a house do it. It is a lovely way to experience the beach. I only stayed for four days, YC had to work, but I wish we could have stayed longer.

YC, my brother, and I playing in the water. It was quite cold.

The part I didn't like about the beach was how crowded it was. During the day the beach was a sea of umbrellas and there were SO MANY people in the water. I don't like crowds very much, so that part irritated me. During the weekdays we were there it wasn't so bad at least. I would definitely recommend going during the week if you can. Also, even during the weekend the beach clears out a lot after 4:00 or 5:00. We often went after that to avoid the crowds.

I think the best part of the beach was the supermoon at night. The first night the moon was huge and white and you could see it reflecting off the water, which was amazing. YC and I took tons of pictures with the moon, because how often do you see something that magical?

You can't see quite how orange it was in pictures sadly.

The second night the moon was bit smaller and lower, plus the clouds occasionally hid it, but it was bright orange. Walking along the beach at night is always relaxing and romantic as well. I could sit for hours on a beach at night.

Rehoboth beach also has some awesome food. We ate at Grotto's Pizza and Ambrosia, plus the raw bar and grill a few places down from Ambrosia that I forgot to write down the name of. The pizza was good, not amazing but good. I loved Ambrosia. The seafood noodle palooza I got was delicious and it is cute inside.

Just look how delicious it looks!

While my time at Rehoboth was lovely, the drive back was a nightmare. I'm not saying traffic into Rehoboth wasn't bad, oh it was. I recommend again going during the week, traffic on the weekend is scary. On the five hour trip back, which turned into over six hours, there were rainstorms the whole way. Sometimes just raining and sometimes downpours where I couldn't even see the road. I actually thought we were going to die. On the PA turnpike there was construction and concrete walls on both sides, which trapped the water. I swear we hydroplanned every couple seconds. Add the random horrible traffic on a Tuesday and I was about in tears the whole way home. Bless my poor boyfriend for putting up with my near hysteria on the way back. Eating Sheetz food and listening to my brother read an article called "Cosmo's 40 most ridiculous sex tips" out loud helped relieve my anxiety a lot.
I think my brother has the best read aloud voice, not to mention Cosmo is ridiculous.

All in all, I had a blast in Rehoboth. This may be more to do with my family than the actual beach though. I also caution ever driving in a downpour, especially over five hours of it.

Have you been to Rehoboth, what did you think? A bit crowded for your taste too? Ever been on family vacations? Have you ever thought you were going to die driving in the rain?


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  1. That was an extremely fun trip, Oysters were delicious, not much variety but still decent considering we never get oysters in PA. :)