Monday, December 7, 2015

Photo Sunday: Etsy is the Best

Hello all! Sorry I've been getting really behind on posts. I'm the worst.
With the holidays coming up (god I have no money anymore) and some big changes on the horizon (I'll let you know when it is 100% sure), I  have been a bit scatterbrained.

I'm sorry.

Today's post has to do with all my holiday shopping. ETSY! I adore Etsy. I find the best stuff there, and the personal touch is the greatest.

Look at those charms! So cute. I ordered a present from Skeletal Dropkick for Christmas and received an email saying it was shipping late. And by late, I mean perhaps one day later than they advertised. The lovely shop owner sent me an email apologizing and promising me a small gift as an apology. Tada charms! The owner sent me these gorgeous charms as the apology!

This is why I love shopping Etsy. The sellers on Etsy go above and beyond. Honestly I hadn't even noticed the order shipped late, nor would I have really cared. I will never say no to cute free charms though.

I mean seriously. Look at that pufferfish.

Does anyone else love Etsy? I would buy all presents there if I could.


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