Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charleston Take Two!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't been around much. Honestly it's not just being busy; I've been in a blogging slump. Sometimes it's hard to maintain a blog when you aren't sure anyone is reading. I'm trying to get myself to write anyway though.

I stated this blog for myself: to chronicle my adventures so I could look back and to practice my writing. So I bribed myself with coffee, lectured myself a bit, and dragged myself here to write this.

Little rant over.

So darn cute.

So let me tell you. Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities. Not just in the U.S. either, though it may well be my favorite in the U.S. so far.
I absolutely love Charleston, and the second time there just increased my love tenfold. Sadly though, I think Charleston is somewhere I'd rather visit than live (though I'd consider the outskirts). This is because every time I'm there the tour guides talk about how Charleston gets tons of floods, could be hit with a giant earthquake any time now, and apparently catches fire quite easily. I admit I am a big chicken, but those are too many possible disasters for me. So maybe I'll live on the outskirts or somewhere else in South Carolina and just continue to visit.

I will definitely be visiting again. I can never get enough and there is always more to see.

I was so stoked that YC was able to come along this time; I wanted to show him Charleston. I'm glad he quickly fell in love with Charleston as much as I have. It is a hard city not to love.

Kind of nice having family along to use as photographers. haha

Not only are the buildings adorable, but the waterfront is lovely to walk along. Apparently there are also almost no mosquitoes, and I did not get bitten while there so maybe that's true. Charleston is one of the most historic cities in the world as well. They go all out, to an insane amount, like replacing cobblestones in the exact same spots if they do sewer work.
It does make for a gorgeous city.

Charleston also has some amazing food. Good old southern comfort food, yummy but not the best for your waistline. I felt so full the whole time, but totally worth it.

Out of all the places we went, we enjoyed Poogan's Porch the most. The price isn't over the top and the food was exceptional. The wait staff was also super friendly and helpful. Our waitress asked the bartender to make a mixed drink she thought I might like that wasn't on the menu. Little things such as that just made the restaurant feel so welcoming. The building it is located in used to be a house and has a homey atmosphere, and is super unique looking.

I don't eat meat, but YC's duck looked awesome. It was apparently amazing.

My whole family enjoyed their food immensely. The above pictured duck was the biggest hit. Their grits with cheese are amazing as are the fried green tomatoes (my favorite part of southern food).

I definitely recommend hitting up Poogan's Porch, taking a horse carriage ride, and visiting the market. The horse carriage rides are a lovely way to take in a lot of the city (I've been on them twice now and it was different information every time). The market is the best place to buy souvenirs. They have work from many local artists including jewelry and paintings. My goal is to eventually be able to afford one of the phenomenal paintings of rainbow row.

Honestly, the best part of Charleston is how photogenic the city is. It is worth at least a day trip to wander the city and check out the buildings, churches, and wrought iron gates. I'll finish up this post with some more pictures of the lovely city.

Exploring the streets by horse.

One of the many pretty churches.

Look at that awesome metalwork.

The waterfront makes for great pictures.

Have any of you been to Charleston? Were you as impressed by the city as I am? Any other cities I should check out based on my love of this one?


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