Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Sunday: Halloween Pictures!

Hello all! Did you have a good Halloween? I did!
YC and I dressed up as Glenn and Maggie from the Walking Dead, and I personally think we rocked it. :)

Because I can't contain myself, here are a ton of pictures of us from Halloween. You're welcome!

I know it's not super in character, but this picture is my favorite.

Looking badass. Don't worry, it is a BB gun. We don't play with real guns.

I may have had way too much fun with editing...

Look how awesome our costumes are guys!

YC looking inside his shirt. hehe

This filter on Snapseed is so perfect for Walking Dead pictures.

My favorite picture of just me.

I love Halloween. I also love having a boyfriend to make dress up with me. Couple costumes are the best. 

What did you guys dress up as for Halloween?


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