Monday, February 23, 2015

Photo Sunday: Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year was my first year ever celebrating Chinese New Year. YC's family celebrates it, and he mentioned to me that it's the time of year where he gets a bit homesick. So, my family decided to throw him his very own Chinese New Year party!

We ended up making hot pot in fondue pots, because absolutely no one but YC was from anywhere that actually celebrates Chinese New Years. We winged it.

Behold the amazing fondue hot pot! This was our vegetarian hot pot. My mom and I are mostly vegetarian, and my one friend is a very strict vegetarian. So, we had to keep the pots very separate.
It turned out absolutely delicious and I ate so much I thought I would die.

Later this week I'll write a longer post about our Chinese New Year celebration and give you even MORE pictures to look at.

Did any of you celebrate Chinese New Year? What all did you did? Hope this year is awesome for every one of you.
Much love.

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