Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photo Sunday: I Collect Sunsets

Seriously, sunsets are one of my absolute favorite things. I always stop and stare at them. Recently I've become pretty addicted to collecting pictures of sunsets as well. (Just look at my Instagram, SO MANY)

I think my addiction to sunsets stems from my love of bright colors. Bright colors make me happy, hence why I wear them a lot.
This sunset is right beside my friend's house. We live in the same neighborhood, and with a farm field and orchard alongside we get phenomenal sunsets. There are no buildings to obscure our view. I am regularly wowed by the sunsets I can see from my house.

So even though I'm not traveling much currently (don't worry, I have plans to do so coming up), I've been enjoying the natural beauty around my own town.

And working a lot. Sigh.

Anyone else have an addiction to sunsets? Just me?

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