Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Update on My Life

Hello there lovelies.
Seeing as how I haven't written a full post in awhile, yet I haven't gone on any new adventures, I decided to just give you a little update on my life in general.
And because everyone loves a list (I'm pretty sure that's a fact. haha.), here is a list of five recent happenings in my life.

Here we go!

The amazing Tres Leches Cake

1. YC's Birthday
The most recent event-like thing in my life was YC's birthday. He doesn't really like to do anything to celebrate, but I wasn't having that nonsense. My friend and I baked him a Tres Leches cake, well she did most of the baking, and we went out to dinner. Even my little brother came along, which is a big deal because he likes to avoid me. I crocheted YC two presents, a scarf and a hat, because I'm crafty like that. It was a lovely night.

YC actually smiles if he doesn't realize his photo is being taken. :P

2. Possible Job
For almost a year now I've been working as a substitute paraprofessional in the school district in my hometown. It's an easy job and normally quite fun, even though it doesn't pay great. I also get to pick when I work, which is awesome. Especially for going on trips. I started there when working full time at the inpatient psychiatric hospital I previously worked at got too depressing (I can write a post about working inpatient sometime if you're interested).
Recently I've been spending most of my time in a Autistic Support room, which I love. It's in an elementary school and the kids and staff are both wonderful. They just opened up a job position and I applied for it. So I may be working full time there, at least until I move.
I'm both excited to stay there, because it is a great classroom and they love me, but also not looking forward to full time work. I don't need the benefits (Wooo not being 26!) and I like being able to work only when I want to work.
Ugh, decisions.

This is my YC-doing-homework-is-boring face, but it is very similar to my I-hate-decisions face

3. A Lot of Waiting
I gave up on applying to positions teaching in Taiwan, because none of them offered enough hours to justify moving across the world. I still haven't heard back from Korea about an interview, which they said they would contact me about at the end up this month. Luckily the applications for JET and BEDA both open soon, so I will be able to apply for those positions.
I should start looking on Dave's ESL again too. I just got frustrated and gave up for awhile.

When I'm bored I change my hair color too, so that also happened

4. Muay Thai
I cancelled my membership at my MMA gym in July, since I was Supposed to move to Korea to teach in August. Since then I haven't restarted it because A. I was hoping to still move and B. I had no money. Hopefully this month I will be restarting my membership and getting back to training. I miss martial arts.

Here's a picture of me looking professional for work last winter, because I realized all the pictures of me doing Muay Thai are copyrighted by the gym. SIGH. 

I cannot wait for so many things in October! Firstly HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. I love the decorations and the costumes. I'm making YC dress up as the Mad Hatter and I'm going to be Alice. So pumped! Also Once Upon A Time just came back and they're doing Frozen. Frozen is one of my favorite movies and OUAT is doing it so well, so far. Supernatural and Walking Dead both come back this month too. So I'm pretty much watching TV non-stop in October. I'm okay with that.

Playing dress-up as Firefly characters in front of the TARDIS

Anyone else love Halloween as much as me? Other Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, or Supernatural fans? Suggestions on what to do with my life, haha? Leave a comment!

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