Monday, September 8, 2014

Photo Sunday: Sunrise

I rarely ever see sunrises. I'm rarely ever  up that early, because let's be real who wants to be? I am not a morning person. Sometimes for work I have to get up before the crack of dawn though. Saturday, getting up that early had its perks.

I'm giving you two photos for the price of one A. because I forgot to post this on Sunday and B. because they are the same sunrise anyway.

The sunrise on the way to work Saturday was phenomenal. The sky was so pink and the sun was a perfect ball of red. I took the second picture while we were cruising along to work. The second my friend, who was driving, stopped for.

The surreal sunrise almost made getting up that early fun, almost.
Hey, at least I got paid.

Have you ever gotten up to see the sunrise? Was it for work or for fun? Anyone else think the day shouldn't start before 10:00AM?

P.S. I've got exciting news coming soon!!! Look for another post later this week!!!! (Yes, I am that many exclamation points on the excited scale)

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