Friday, October 3, 2014

Cooking Experiments! A New Idea

So YC came up with an awesome idea that I think I'll be trying out in the near future.

Cooking experiments!

We'll try out recipes from various countries and chronicle the results. This will include pictures of the attempt, how it turned out, and the recipe we used.

Also, I'm really bad at cooking, as in I messed up instant mac and cheese on more than one occasion. So, this should make the whole thing quite amusing.

What do you guys think?

The other week YC and I attempted to make onigiri, so here is a summary of how it went as a preview for these upcoming blog posts.
Sorry I don't have the recipe for this one, but we will be doing a redo where I'll include the recipe. So stay posted!

Here they are! The onigiri!

The onigiri turned out pretty good, well YC's did. His were yummy and had the perfect amount of garlic-miso mix on the inside. Mine, not so much.
I literally couldn't eat the ones I made. There was so much mush in the middle and they were so strong. It was disgusting.
YC ate them anyway because apparently poisoning yourself with your girlfriend's cooking is part of the job requirement.

Pretty sure this is the smug face of being the better cook

The onigiri we made were miso-garlic because I'm mostly vegetarian. (I do eat fish, I'm pescatarian)
Apparently the key to making nommy YC onigiri as opposed to icky Alisa onigiri is the ratio of inside mush to outside rice.
I think my main problem is impatience. I just want to shove all the insides in so I can eat them.
YC is much more patient, and makes much less of a mess.

YC patiently forming the perfect onigiri

I also spent more of my time taking pictures of YC and the onigiri than actually helping.
For the record though, when I did help I mostly made a huge mess.
Next time I'll have YC take a picture of the chaos that is my attempts at making onigiri.

I was covered in rice. Yet, I never had enough in my actually onigiri. Guess I can only improve from here...right?

See? Taking pictures while the bf works. Poor thing :P

So who wants more cooking posts? These with actual cooking details. So far we're planning onigir2.0 and possibly Korean. Any other suggestions?
Anyone else cook onigiri? Have as much trouble as I did?


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