Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Buttermilk Falls, Watkins Glen, and an Update

Hello lovelies!
Here is the second post on my adventures in upstate New York! This time we will be mostly looking at pictures of Buttermilk Falls and Watkins Glen. At the end I have a quick update for you on my life.

Here we go!
Buttermilks Falls is the name of a couple of waterfalls right at the entrance to Ithaca. The first waterfall you see is the most impressive, but the whole path is lovely.

The view of Buttermilk Falls from where you walk in.

We only walked about a half hour along the Buttermilk Falls path, since we still need to drive to Watkins Glen. Sometime I'd love to return and spend more time moseying along the trail.

The entrance to Buttermilk Falls.

Another waterfall along the Buttermilk Falls path. You could see a smaller waterfall flowing through the opening in the rocks, but there were too many trees to get a good picture of it.

Once we finished our hike at Buttermilk Falls, we drove around a half hour to Watkins Glen. We were starving by that time and stopped at a little Italian place, Jerlando's Ristorante, in the town of Watkins Glen. The service left a bit to be desired, but the food was phenomenal. I'd never had homemade puttanesca sauce before. It was so good! Salty and chunky, but fabulous. They give you so much too. I took over half home. Partially because I may have eaten all the garlic cheesy bread they gave me. I love garlic cheesy bread.

I was too excited about food to take a picture before starting to eat.

After refueling ourselves, we began the hike through Watkins Glen. There are a lot of stairs and steep parts, so be prepared. I didn't think it was overly taxing, but I was decently tired by the end.
Watkins Glen is breathtaking and definitely worth a visit. So many waterfalls!

The entrance to Watkins Glen

Posing with the great view from one of the overlooks.

The trail loops behind this waterfall.

The view from behind the waterfall. Standing behind waterfalls is always fun.

Once you get to the end of the main trail of Watkins Glen, you can take the Indian Trail along the top of the glen. The views from the top are spectacular, unless you're afraid of heights. There is also a little suspension bridge you can walk along.

So high up!

Selfie looking down from up high. Also, I made my hat. Pretty impressive huh? :P

On the suspension bridge.

My cousin and I managed to lose our moms during the hike and ended up getting lost in this creepy old cemetery. Who puts a cemetery on top of a mountain? My cousin and I were pretty sure we were going to get killed, like in a horror movie, so we jogged back to the main path.

Oh look! A random cemetery!

I definitely recommend giving Watkins Glen a visit if you're in the area, or if you can make a quick trip up. The waterfalls and views are worth it.

Now for the update! I've gotten a full-time job here in my hometown. I'm working in a Special Needs classroom, at an elementary school. I love it. Even if some days are quite stressful (like today for example). I do not plan on staying long term though. Tops a year or two. I'm still applying to teach abroad, but I'm not aiming to go until next year at the soonest. I had still been applying to teach in South Korea in March, but I want to get a year's worth of experience at this new job.
Planning ahead, resumes and stuff.

Like an adult.

This is my ALL THE WATERFALLS face. You're welcome.

Have you been to Watkins Glen? Did you think it was as pretty as I did? Have you ever changed your travel plans for a real job? Did you feel as lame and adult-like as I do? Planning ahead is boring.

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