Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Photo Sunday: Finger Lakes Preview

This past Thursday and Friday I went to Ithaca, the Finger Lakes, and Watkins Glen.
I'll be writing a post detailing these adventures later in the week; my family is visiting, so I don't have time now.
I took tons of pictures, be prepared.

But, to prepare you, here is a preview picture!
Also, I'm sorry it's late, as stated my family is visiting.

This picture is my favorite from the trip, which is why it gets to be the Photo Sunday. I thought it deserved it's own post.

Look at those blues! The Finger Lakes are absolutely gorgeous. The colors are surreal.
Love love love.
This is the dock belonging to the Sheldrake Point Winery. More to come on the wineries in upcoming post.

Have you been to the Finger Lakes? Did you think it was as gorgeous and unreal looking as I did? Anyone else think docks are just adorable and so photogenic?

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