Sunday, December 14, 2014

Photo Sunday: I'm a Crochet Fiend

Pretty much all I've done today is crochet and play Dragon Age: Inquisition.
At least one of those things is productive.
This week is my last week of work before Singapore, so I'm feeling justified in my lazing around. Plus, I felt really sick on Friday, and not great since then.

So for this week's Photo Sunday you get a glimpse into what my life normally looks like, when I'm not doing cool stuff.

Not only am I crocheting a scarf, but I'm also wearing a hat that I crocheted. I may have a bit of a problem. Buying yarn makes me happy okay!

Today I also learned that the plural of scarf is both scarves and scarfs. Not sure how I feel about this knowledge, nor am I sure which I like better.

Saturday begins my adventure to Singapore, so get prepared for more exciting posts!

Anyone else crochet? Did you develop a yarn addiction too? Preference on scarves versus scarfs? Anyone else playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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