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All the Southeast Asian Food!

I promised you a post on all the food I ate in Southeast Asia. Here it is finally! I will not mar it with too many words, so here are all the food pictures with brief descriptions.


Bubble Tea is one of my absolute favorite things on earth. Bubble tea in Singapore was so much better than in the States. Here we have honey and winter melon with foam flavors from Gong Cha.

YC enjoying my absolute favorite food in Singapore. Kaya butter toast from Toast Box. We went there for breakfast more times than I'd like to admit. Seriously, hit it up if you're ever there.

A better view of the amazing kaya butter toast and the soft boiled eggs. I suggest just a dash of soy sauce and pepper in the soft boiled eggs. (YC's recommendation)

Kopi Melaka on the left and Teh Melaka on the right. Quite possibly my favorite coffee ever. (Kopi is coffee and Teh is tea) They are made with Gula Melaka sugar and condensed milk.

The restaurants at the Marina Bay Sands are super classy. Champagne and a great assortment of food.

The amazing salmon eggs Benedict at the Marina Bay Sands. So. Good.

Mee Siam which is apparently a breakfast food. I disagree. Also from the Toast Box.

Ice kachang from Lau Pa Sat hawker center. The hawker centers are definitely an experience everyone visiting Singapore should try.

Stingray from the same hawker center. I'd never tried stingray before. It was a bit more expensive than the other hawker food, but worth it. It was super yummy.

MILO DINOSAUR! Milo, kind like nesquik, chocolate milk with powdered milo on top. It is everything I want in chocolate milk. You can get it just about anywhere in Singapore.

My first meal in Singapore at a Taiwanese restaurant with Shanghai food. I swear we tried just about everything. I recommend the vegetable dumplings dipped in vinegar. They taste like heaven. The sesame buns are insanely good too.
The restaurant is: Din Tai Fung

This is a duck made of fruit from the restaurant on top of the supertree at Gardens by the Bay. The meal and even the fruit duck were just average to me (though YC says the meat was really good), but you have to love ducks made of fruit.

Roti Prata which is a more oily fried version of naan. Mine had chocolate and bananas inside. It was super yummy but very unhealthy. We got this at the Prata House on Upper Thompson Road.

Apparently YC has an addiction to this little cookies with icing. You can find them in Chinatown especially, but really just about anywhere. YC calls them the flowery cookies with idea if they have a real name.

Sugar cane juice at another hawker center, Chomp Chomp (not kidding, that's the name of the center). Not as overly sweet as you might think, very refreshing. It can be found anywhere.

To end the Singapore foods, here is a picture of the face of sheer happiness when eating a sesame bun.

An Indonesian dessert with glutinous rice and pandun paste. We got it at a cute restaurant in a mall. It was built in a circle with a open area in the middle where you could see down to the bottom level.
Restaurant: Remboelan

Apparently YC's dad wanted us to try all the desserts offered at Remboelan. I took tiny bites out of most of them, I was so full at this point.

The actual meal from the Remboelan. The closest dish is squid, which was good. The star of the show is the dish at the right-hand corner. Garlic tofu. I ate all of it.

Traditional Chinese hot pot. We ate hot pot multiple times in Indonesia. There are tons of restaurants in the malls in Indonesia that offer hot pot. They all seemed pretty similar to me.

Cute little desserts at our hotel in Bandung. I pretty much wanted them for the Spongebob one.

I think my favorite part about food in Indonesia was the fruit. It is so fresh and delicious. When you go to a fruit market to buy it, the employees help you pick the best ones and even let you try them. We need fruit markets like this in the States.

Tiramisu crepes, because that's very southeast Asian food you know. What can I say? I cannot resist a crepe.

There's this super hipster little restaurant in Indonesia which I loved. I had pizza, which I didn't take a picture of because A. It was just pizza and B. I inhaled it too fast. The food was delicious, including truffle fries (the god of fries) and this great Vietnamese coffee.
Restaurant: The People's Cafe 

Otah. Smushy fish bars. I have no idea how else to describe them. I thought they were okay.

Coconut water right out of a coconut. A staple of tropical islands. I had the same thing (with alcohol mixed in though) in Puerto Rico. 


Tissue Roti Patta. It had honey dripped on it. Delicious. We got it at a hawker center in Malaysia, I sadly didn't get the name.

Of course, the almighty durain. Not much else need be said. I posted a much longer post on it if you want more detail. If you're in southeast Asia, try it.

Herbal jelly. YC just told me it might have been made out of tortoise shell and now I want to vomit. He says that's the traditional way and it probably wasn't. I'm still mad though.
YC claims it is now just Chinsese herbs, I'm not sure I believe him.

The noodle soup that possibly caused the trip of death. It was good though, before the vomit.

Passion fruit juice. The best of the juices. All the recommendation. I think you can get fresh passion fruit juice in most restaurants in Malaysia.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of what we ate in southeast Asia. The food was phenomenal pretty much everywhere, especially if you like seafood and fruit. I suggest trying everything.

We also tried Laksa in Singapore, which was absolutely delicious. It is a spicy seafood noodle soup. We ate it so fast neither of us remembered to take a picture. I am still recommending it to you though, even though I can't show it. It was one of the best things I ate, hence eating it too fast to photograph. We got it at Katong Laksa in Holland Village.

Let me know if I missed out on any yummy southeast Asian staples! Have you tried any of the foods I mentioned? Let me know in the comments.

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