Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photo Sunday: Iced Coffee Season!

Hey all! It's finally getting warm! I swear it feels like winter this year lasted forever, and was cold as hell.

Last week it was finally warm enough to get an iced coffee! Which, to me, is the real sign that spring has arrived.

I love Starbucks. I know their coffee is expensive, but for sweet coffees nowhere is better. For the less sugary coffees I do prefer little local cafes. I went to a particularly cute one in Ireland when we first arrived. After a six-hour overnight flight, my family needed the caffeine.

Coffee is one of my favorite things to try in new places. Not just new countries, but anywhere I go. I love little cafes and quietly sipping coffee or chatting with friends.

As much as I love hot coffee, I do enjoy a good iced coffee. I'm so pumped it is finally warm enough to drink them without freezing.

Anyone else a coffee lover out there? Any suggestions on coffee places I need to hit up on my travels?

Happy spring!


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