Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Anniversary and a Review: Happy Valley Brewery

So yesterday was my one year anniversary with YC. To me this is quite the big deal. So I am taking a moment to gush to you guys, then I shall get on with the review of where we went for dinner.
I am reviewing it because YUM.

Last year at this time YC and I had just gotten back from a trip to NYC with some friends. We'd been seeing each other for awhile, but not officially dating. After spending a couple days with each other non-stop and surviving, I realized I could happily date this guy. So here we are a year later, and I couldn't be happier.

Gushing over.

The face of I-can't-stop-eating-for-photos

For dinner we went to a place called Happy Valley Brewery in State College, PA. If you're ever around here, perhaps for a PSU related event (like football. barf) I definitely recommend checking this place out. It's in this cute barn-like building and has a chill atmosphere.

It is a little pricier than most places YC and I eat, but that's because we're poor not because it's expensive. Our whole dinner was only 60 bucks, and we got a ton of food.

This right here is why you should go.

If for no other reason, you need to go for  the cheese slate. It is made of magic and wonder, and I'm pretty sure if you could lick happiness it would taste like the picture above. That is warm bread with goat cheese and honeycomb honey. So fucking good.

The cheese slate comes with three different cheeses, honeycomb honey, and a couple slices of warm bread. The cheese to bread ration isn't very accurate, so you'll probably have to ask for more bread if you want to finish all the cheese. We had to cut ourselves off from the cheese, so we took the remainder and some extra bread home. I plan to eat it later today.

My dinner.

I ordered rigatoni with crushed eggplant and tomatoes. I ended up barely eating any of it because I stuffed myself on cheese. It was very good, but I plan to put some feta on it when I heat it up. I may have a feta addiction. Or a cheese addiction in general.

Maybe I should move to France.

YC got this giant thing of pork, which he said was excellent. It also came with mac and cheese. Their mac and cheese is delicious.

And we ordered a side of rosemary garlic french fries too, because apparently neither of us has any idea how big our stomachs actually are. It all worked out though, because we took home lots of leftovers. YC already ate his leftover mac and cheese and french fries.

Our server was also excellent. She was super friendly and helpful, and very quick. We ended up leaving her a $20 tip because we liked her so much.

Oh, also, it is a brewery so check out the beers. I don't drink beer myself, but they have a pretty solid wine selection as well. YC said the beer he tried was excellent, and everyone I know that's tried their beers has loved them.

So if you're ever in good old State College, hit up the Happy Valley Brewery. They are great enough that I felt the need to go home and write a review of them.

Look how cute we were for date night.

Okay, I wasn't quite done gushing. Check out how gorgeous my boyfriend is! Such model! Also, he purposefully dressed up like Dean Winchester. Which makes him pretty much perfect.

Anyone else ever been to Happy Valley Brewery? Any cheese addicts out there? Supernatural fans? Let's hear it for Supernatural and cheese!

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