Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Short Update: Visitors and Possible Trips

I'm going to be super busy coming up, so I figured I'd stop by and give a life and plans update.

Next week one of my best friends is visiting from New Zealand with her husband. I am so excited! It has been years since I've seen her, and I haven't met her husband in person yet. (Skype does not count)

Taking silly artsy pictures together in New Zealand.

I'll be heading down to DC with my friend to check it out and put her on an airplane home. So look forward to some DC pictures!

Next week YC's family is visiting from Singapore as well. Ugh. It is going to be a bit packed and stressful. His parents will be here for three weeks. I have no idea how we will keep them occupied.

Hopefully next month YC and I will be going to Montreal. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've never been to Montreal, though YC has.

I binge watched Sense 8 this past week. Has anyone else seen it? I loved it. Now I really want to be a bad.

So let me know: Montreal tips and Sense 8! Hit me up!

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