Sunday, July 19, 2015

Photo Sunday: A Short Visit

As you may remember me mentioning, one of my best friends and her husband visited me this week. They left yesterday and I already miss her so much.

While she was here we drove down to D.C. for a couple days and walked all over. This week I will be writing up a post on this trip to D.C., which involved a lot less flowers but a lot more sights.

Until then, this Photo Sunday comes to you from atop a little mountain looking out over my hometown.

I think this photo has quite the adventurous spirit...well at least Jessi's adventurous spirit. YC is just chilling on the bench.

Later this week I will give you some insight into our D.C. trip.

Does anyone recognize this mountain view? Any guesses?



  1. I don't recognize it at all - which mountain is it? It's beautiful!

  2. The mountain itself isn't really well known, but the outlook is. If you've been to the central PA area, or even if you haven't, you may have heard of Penn State University. This is the outlook over the university and the surrounding town. Someone from PA might have recognized it, but it would probably be pretty hard otherwise, haha. It is a gorgeous view.