Monday, July 27, 2015

Washington D.C.: Eating All the Food and Walking All the Places

Hey all! I've been a bit busy the past week or so, but I finally had some time to sit down and write up a blog post on D.C.!

Jessi, my friend from New Zealand, and her husband, Cam, visited for approximately a week. We hung around our hometown for a bit, showing Cam where Jessi grew up, then we headed down to D.C.

Since I'm sure more of you are interested in D.C., here is a post on everything we did there!

My travel buddies and I taking a break on monument steps.

The drive down to D.C. from Pennsylvania isn't too bad. I always park at my friend's house in Gaithersburg, so the trip is about three hours. I go a route that is a tad slower through a state park, which is gorgeous. It probably wouldn't be possible in the winter, but it is a lovely back roads drive in the summer.

YC drove down the day after us with his parents, and he drove the whole way into D.C. He said it isn't a bad city to drive in at all. There is actually a fairly mild amount of traffic, in comparison to say New York City.
His dad did sideswipe a parked car in their rental, but they only scratched it a bit...and let's admit, it is a bit funny.

The reflection pool actually had water this time!

The first night we found our hotel in Foggy Bottom and had a delicious dinner at Roti Mediterranean Grill nearby. I had never had falafel before, which is rather depressing considering I'm vegetarian, but I can say I am a convert! I could have eaten all the falafel.

The next day was all the walking! We left the hotel around 10:00AM and did not get back home until 5:00PM. We walked nearly the entire time. My feet were so sore afterwards. I got to see the Washington Monument with the reflection pool this time though! So that made it worth all the walking.

Last time I was in D.C. all the monuments were so covered in people I couldn't see them, but this time the crowds were less intense.

Jessi and I at the Washington Monument (credit for the photo goes to Cam)

It was a bit dark in the Lincoln memorial, but still impressive.

We spent a huge chunk of the day in the National History Museum because all of us (read: especially Cam, he might be a museum addict) enjoy museums. Jessi and I moved through it a lot faster than Cam, but we all enjoyed the exhibits. I liked the mammal exhibit the best; there were mammals I had no idea even existed. The evolution of humans exhibit was pretty interesting too. I learned a lot.

Pretending to make cave paintings.

The rest of the day was spent circling the lake and briefly visiting the other monuments. By the end we were all a bit peopled-out. I can only handle crowds for so long before I want to scream.

By dinner YC was in D.C. to meet up with us and we picked a place to eat. I ended up choosing Founding Farmers partially because of the location in Foggy Bottom, but mainly because that is an amazing name.

Let me tell you, the food was incredible. I have never been so all around impressed with a restaurant. The wait was a bit long, but Jessi and I sat at the bar while Cam walked YC back to the hotel to change. The service was excellent and so friendly. I had my first ever cocktail (they're a bit expensive for my taste normally) and loved it.

Yummy! Thanks Jessi!

I forgot to take a picture of the actual food because I inhaled it so quickly. I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time and they were amazing. I don't even normally like tomatoes.
For a main I had a vegetarian Reuben; mushrooms, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese. It was magic and wonder. Everyone else loved their meals too, especially the baconlollis. Yep, bacon lollipops.

Thanks waitress for putting up with us.

Sorry this post turned into mostly a rave about Founding Farmers, but jeez. BEST. FOOD. EVER. I highly suggest it. So much. We even ate there for brunch the next day. It was that good.

I remembered to take a picture of my brunch!

All in all, I do love D.C. It is a city I could actually imagine living in. It isn't super crowded, it is very clean, and the food is great. If only it didn't cost so much to live there. Maybe I can live in Gaithersburg or Rockville instead, they are both lovely as well.

Does anyone else love D.C.? Anyone else eaten at Founding Farmers? I want that Reuben...sigh


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