Monday, November 3, 2014

Tteokbokki Tuesday: Girls Day Out

This weekend was super awesome and relaxing. Probably because we didn't go out drinking haha. After sleeping in on Saturday and getting my hair cut (side note it is crazy cheap here, it only cost me 15,500 won so like 15 U.S. dollars for a hair-cute, shampoo and conditioner), we went to the Trick Eye Museum. The one here (in Busan) is much smaller than the one in Seoul but it was a nice day out. I only went with two other people which I think is a good sized group. The pictures kind of over lap so going with a large group would be a bit awkward and it would take longer to get through making it potentially boring.

Anyway here is my friend and I goofing off in one of the paintings. 

Sunday we volunteered at an orphanage in the morning and then we went to a cafe we had been eyeing up in Seomyeon. It is called Can't Take My Eyes Off of You and it looks like a doll cafe. If you have looked into Korean culture at all then you know that they are big on cafes. They have dog cafes, cat cafes, princess cafes. Whatever you want, they have. They also live with there parents until they get married for the most part so there are a lot of "love" hotels around and DVD bongs which are basically a room you rent out to watch a movie and whatever else you have a hankering for. So the Can't Take My Eyes Off of You cafe looks like a doll house and it is like renting out a really girly living room to hang out in and eat crappy food. We paid 7,000 won a head for an all you can eat buffet and I am not sure how many hours of access to our own private living room. The floor was a giant mattress, it had pillows and blankets for snuggling and a tv to watch. You could get a room with a view of the street which was great for people watching or a fully enclosed room for more privacy. 

It was an interesting experience, not sure I will be repeating it again, but I can see the appeal.

If you live in Korea or another country with a huge cafe culture, what is your favorite type of cafe?
What is the coolest museum you have been to?
What other things about Korean culture are you curious about?


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