Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Mandatory Thanksgiving Post

I feel like it is mandatory for bloggers to post a Thanksgiving post with a list of things they are thankful for. While I think it is kind of amusing that everyone does it, I also think it is a good practice.
Sometimes it is hard to remember what you're thankful for, so whenever possible sit back and list the good things in your life. It always cheers me up.

So here is a list of things I am thankful for this year:

A pretty accurate summary of my family in one picture.

1. My Family
My family can be loud, and weird, and has many issues, but they are mine and I love them. There are definitely times I want to poke each of them in the eye, but in general they are wonderful. With both of my parents remarried, I have quite the large family as well. I swear I have family on every continent (except for Antartica). I am constantly finding out I have extended family in new locals.
Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at my grandparents really reminded me how crazy and awesome my family is.

My brother doesn't hug me often, but when he does he squeezes my head off. This was four years ago now, wow.
2. My Brother
Yes, I know I already said family. But my brother is my favorite person in the world, regardless of whether he says he likes me or not. Anyone will tell you my brother is my favorite, so I don't consider it mean to say so on the interwebs. Now, if only he would pick me as his favorite person instead of saying I'm his least favorite. One day!

Repping the Thai boxing hats. That's my tough face.

3. My Boyfriend
I guess it is sappy to include your boyfriend on a thankful list, but it's true. I'm so thankful everything worked out the way it did (though it very nearly didn't) and I ended up dating YC. I never thought I'd meet a guy who is as interesting, funny, sweet, understanding, and awesome as mine is. So, as sappy as it is, YC definitely makes my thankful list.

These are two of my best friends. They're weird and lovely and wonderful.

4. All My Rather Strange Friends
They deserve the title, I swear, but that is why I love them. The best sort of friends are the strange ones. Life is never boring when you have a bunch of your own weirdos. In my humble opinion my friends are the best in the universe, though I may be a bit biased. Even though it seems they spread out a bit more every year, at least that gives me a bunch of places to visit.

Look how cute we were!

5. The Opportunities I Have
I have had so many amazing opportunities growing up. Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am. Though my parents are divorced, they always got along for our sakes. We had plenty and never really seemed to lack for anything. I even lived on a farm and had horses for awhile! Even just growing up in America grants me so many opportunities others may not have, and I try not to forget that. I still have so much ahead of me.

I borrowed my friend's graduation robe because I didn't go to my graduation. Haha.

6. No College Loans
I am so unbelievably thankful for this one. My parents saved up and paid my way through college. Upon graduating, I was one of the few people I knew who didn't have to start worrying about loans. It is such a weight off my shoulders. I see how much my friends worry about their loans, and how trapped they make them feel. This also leaves me with many more options. I hated my first job out of college, so I quit. I didn't have to worry about paying back student loans, so I could survive without it until I found something that didn't make me want to claw my eyes out. Even now I can make minimal money at my job and still save up, because no loans.

For instance: I got to lounge on a beach that looked like That in Aruba.

7. The Traveling I Have Done
Sometimes I read other blogs and feel lame in comparison. I feel like I've been nowhere compared to those other bloggers. First off, comparing oneself to others is ALWAYS a bad idea. Secondly, I am lucky to have been to all the places I Have been to. I know many of my friends and family members are envious of the adventures I've had. So it's all in perspective. To them I seem like a worldly traveller, but to some bloggers it might seem like I've barely traveled at all. I choose to look at it as I just have more places left to explore. The world is my oyster.

My  high school also had great sports teams. I played lacrosse.

8. My Education
I grew up in a college town with a great school district. We were well funded and had so many opportunities and teachers who loved teaching. I went to a well thought of university and graduated with two degrees. I have lots of benefits educationally that I am so thankful for. Even if my degrees haven't done much for me yet, I am better off for having them. One day I'm sure they'll pay off.

And let's be real. I regularly pose for pictures like this...I'm lucky anyone puts up with that face :P

9. My Family's Understanding
I have no idea what I want to do with my life, am constantly planning my next adventure, spending all my money on traveling, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get my life together anytime soon. My family is wonderful about the whole nonsensical ordeal. They may come off pushy occasionally, but they mean well and just want me to succeed.

And one thing I am not thankful for: this computer. It keeps randomly refusing to start. Ugh!

So there you have it. My Thanksgiving list.

What are you thankful for this year?

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